The time now is This might be normal , but an option to use high quality Pitch should be available creating new samples probably. However, the V-Synth parts company with most ROMplers in that it allows the user to overwrite the entire factory sample set. These samples can be combined with the analogue modelling engine and spat through the COSM-based filters and effects. Looking for all the world like an Indica Gallery exhibit with its sterile, stark white veneer, it was all very futuristic and just the thing for the ensuing MTV-friendly, fashion-conscious new waver. And yet this machine was released in

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The MPC Plus shares all the sample-manipulation functionality of the Z series, including looping, time-stretching, pitch-shifting, slicing and dicing. This is good when recording tracks while playing live over the whole song. Each assignable Q-Link knob can generate MIDI controller data so that all performance information can be recorded and played back from a within a sequence, and the Q-Link sequencer allows cyclic modulation programming. While this was considerably higher than, say, the latest Ensoniq offering, it was in keeping with contemporary products from Roland and Sequential.

Of all makes and models I’ve tried, the Z8 is by far my favorite. Hagaha USE The edition of sound effects or is it easy? Control of an entire program or an individual sound assigned to a single keygroup is possible. Nevertheless, the FZ-1 left the marketplace and the competition thinking very hard about what features should be included in a mid-priced sampler.


We beg to differ. It was big, sleek and looked like a million bucks. Host x 1, Slave x 1 v1.

When finished recording, transfer this stereo sample as WAV file in your computer via USB or any removable mediaand use your computer software to e. Of course, those who love akaj sounds hot or opt for Ensoniq emu, but those who prefer to remain in control of their textures will be interested. Well, just about, anyway.

These can be separately assigned to allow flexible real-time performance control of a wide variety of selectable parameters including level, pan, filter cut-off and resonance, tuning, LFO speed and depth, all effect parameters and more. More so when you consider that the Emulator provided no filtering without a third-party retrofit from JL Cooper.


The Mirage can be had for ridiculously low prices and its grungy sound quality makes it a fine candidate for urban or industrial styles. New filtering is provided by way of 6-pole digital dynamic filters.

Yep, it had a two-digit LED display and a smattering of buttons, though most of those were thankfully dedicated to akaj or two functions. A variety of presets are available that describe the final result allowing as the name implies very quick operation.

Quick FX allows sounds to aaki sampled and re-sampled through the 4-bus internal multi-effects processor. Sound Generator Data format: MPC – Operating System [v1. Just as the Minimoog shaped all of the synthesizers that followed it forevermore, so, too, did the Emulator serve as the blueprint for future samplers.


In my case I use orchestral library as big as these sounds ncessitent little effect, and as multitimbral use, an orchestra, has held In contrast, all my other sounds especially pianos, electric pianos – rhodes, clavinet, wurlitzer, B3 etc. Eventually, it would be toppled by the very instruments it inspired. It should have become a classic. With pattern-based sequencing, a song is made of multiple short sequences patterns that can be re-arranged very quickly in Song mode or even in real-time using the Next Sequence feature.

For anyone who knows a minimum the samplers, the manual is almost useless Not satisfied with those reviews?

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Sign in to disable this ad. Page 2 z88 2 First 1 2 Jump to page: Fine, you say, but is the Mirage relevant today? There was a pair of LFOs per voice along with three envelope generators including two multi-stage jobs per voice and plenty of opportunities for modulation and mayhem.

Clearly, your humble chronicler has left the path of reason! Real-time control is provided by two note variation sliders and four Q-Link knobs.