Ricoh Middle East Change. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. For further details, system requirements and availability of compatible multifunctional products, and locally supported vending equipment coin, bill and card systems , please consult your local supplier or download the technical specification here. The Equitrac Office installation screens will appear in English only. Rules based local and network printing and routing.

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Support for network account deposit units. Scheduled reports with multiple export options.

Does Equitrac Support Unix and Linux Operating Systems Derived from a Supported Operating System?

Centralised and departmental account management tools. The print server can be linux based but im pretty sure the actual CAS has to be on a windows box. Results 1 to 10 of Web Client – 32 Bit.

Protecting Against Poodle Attacks. If you have a problem downloading the files or activating the software, contact Equitrac customer support.


Get the Android App. Equitrac Embedded Controller for DocSend. This of course is assuming you have that kind of linx power and that the purpose of this is to reduce the amount of hardware involved. Can Equitrac server run on Linyx Or is Windows still a mandatory requirement?

Ricoh Middle East Change. WindowsR2,R2 cluster support. Scalable architecture accommodates multi-school deployment. Please note that equitrzc product serial number and activation code are required to enable software functionality. Related Links Contact Us Need more assistance? Pricing by page and print attributes.

Stop ducking around with usless and obselete OS’s. Rightfax Import Utility Readme.

Is there a Print Client for a Linux Operating System?

Support for legacy value card readers. Equitrac Express Precision tools to help monitor, manage and recover document output costs securely and flexibly. Have you asked Equitrac? Think of your three closest friends I haven’t seen Equitrac on a Linux box, but there are several others that are available.


Another method would be to install windows on a virtual box and run it that way.

Report customisation at site and personal levels. Equitrac Embedded for Konica Minolta Guide. Before installing the software, review important product documentation regarding lunux activation, systems requirements, and installation.

If you can run it on a Unix server.

Equitrac Express

You’ll have to give a try. Windows Server Components – 32 Bit.

Their website leads me to believe that it does work on Linux. Or if they even run ‘apt-get’ or ‘yum’ repositories.