All of those things are on the radar for future work, as is updating to later versions of the Linux drivers, which “should not be too hard”, Herrb said. A quarterly report of progress and plans for FreeBSD graphics will also be published. In addition, over time newer hardware was only supported by the Linux drivers—at least for Intel and, later, AMD. If you’d like to contribute content, let us know. The best way to see what’s available for your driver is to execute sysctl compat. And they’re very very good drivers. As it went for sysvinit cross-kernel support so it can go with systemd.

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Those updates tend to be “large and tricky”, jumping over multiple versions, rather than smaller, incremental changes. An updated libdrm and xfvideo-nouveau have been committed. That’s a rather negative outlook, frankly.

Since there’s been debate about that in the past,I just said ‘many reason’. Very much not the UNIX way of doing one thing and doing it well. There was a common core that could be used by both Linux and various BSD flavors, along with operating-system-specific parts, all housed in the same tree. It’s also why I care very little about systemd.


Now I’m tempted to novueau it and see how Wayland performs. Nouveua package name of this deleted port was: Posted Oct 17, Thanks ; Anyway, I was speaking of debate around Nouveau and the possibility to port it, though I’m not the one who would ever be able to do that, and given my hardware, I’m pretty much satisfied with nv. And that preference has consequences for non-Linux users, especially given the size of the respective communities. If nokveau application wanted to use interfaces not part of this common subset like e.

Also many open source games are ported natively e. But once upon a time the Linux and BSD desktop communities shared the same boat and the same fate.

Start Xorg via your usual method i. Thanks for the in-depth response. These update the API version to 0. The major exception is for locking primitives, which are best converted to the DragonFly equivalents.

freebsd driver nouveau

Apparently, that’s no longer an option with recent Gnome versions. Even some boot loaders are pretty much the same issue with binaries.

It was updated just a couple months ago. Restart your system, you should see the ikms. We can quibble about what necessary means, but clearly the BSD folks perceive many projects relying, directly or indirectly, on Linux-specific kernel features in a way that leaves them out in the cold.


PlayonBSD contains also pre-patched Steam versions of some games. That might result in removing some of the features that cgroups currently now provides.

Some people don’t understand that it isn’t up for discussion.


Recently, he has been working on updating the i code. Linux Power User Bundle. They hope these examples will help you to get a better understanding of the Linux system and that frreebsd feel encouraged to try out things on your own.

He who does the work usually gets the final say, and nobody has been building the alternative. Those two drivers suffered from a number of problems, the biggest of which was the “gratuitous changes all over the place”, he said.

Regarding ikms and xfvideo-intel, the reason for which I stated that it can’t keep up with Nvidia are: All we are doing is wringing our hands and playing a bit of brinksmanship trying to decide whose on the hook for doing that compatibility work. KMS is about as minimal as it can be, while still supporting all the existing hardware features.